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Business Planning

Does your business stand the test?

Having worked with dentist, physicians, pharmacists and other small business owners for nearly three decades, we come across similar issues time and again.

Most business owners are not adequately prepared for the following challenges:

Revenue protection

As a business owner, your most important asset is your income. Paying expenses and employee salaries is vital to the continuation of your company. We can help you protect your total revenue stream. We also offer discounted disability income insurance policies to members of the Third and Fourth District Dental Societies of the State of New York and physicians. Discounts are also available to any other business with three or more qualifying employees.
Is your ability to earn an income protected? Can your business stay healthy if you're not?

The skyrocketing cost of doing business

Soaring health insurance premiums can have a crippling effect on your business. Retirement planning and other employee benefits are critical for attracting and retaining high-caliber talent. We can help you identify cost-effective solutions.
Are you offering a CODA Plan? Does your group insurance cover life, disability and health?

Transition and succession

After years of building equity in their business, so many dentists, physicians, pharmacists and small business owners walk away from their firms upon retirement. In our experience transitions fail largely due to the lack of understanding of the business valuation. We can help you plan for a successful sale or transition.
Do you have a clear exit strategy? Are you and your successor communicating efficiently?