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How are you protecting your financial future?

After decades of helping dentists, physicians, pharmacists and other business owners, we have developed deep insights into the financial planning needs of these types of businesses and the individuals who operate them.

Our process always begins at the same place:
What would happen if you could no longer work…either by choice, or through life circumstances such as illness, disability or even death? What would happen to your family, and what would happen to your business and employees?

We assist our clients with:

Business planning
For our business clients, we offer retirement planning solutions such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and profit sharing plans; risk management solutions including business overhead insurance, buy-sell planning for business partners and employee benefits, such as health insurance and supplemental insurance plans.

Personal planning
For individuals and their families we offer a full suite of financial planning tools, including retirement management accounts, mutual funds, IRAs, annuities, college planning, and risk management solutions such as disability income, life, health, and long term care insurance.

Frequently we will work with your other professional advisors to facilitate the implementation of your financial goals.